Saturday, 2 May 2015

Day 2 - Visit to the sampling areas

Muhsiul Hassan, a member of the "Buggy Team", has shared with us some photos taken today during their visit to the grazing focus areas, in the South-East of the Yanco site. They did some roving transects with the buggy (which carries an ELBARA III radiometer, a GNSS-R reflectometer known as LARGO, as well as multi-spectral sensors) and a 4WD towing an EMI for the measurement of soil conductance.

On their way, they met Team B, led by Luigi Renzullo from CSIRO, who were also getting familiar with the HDAS and their sampling areas.

Tomorrow Sunday May 3rd will be the first day of real sampling.

Post by: Christoph RĂ¼diger. Photo credit: Muhsiul Hassan, Monash University, Australia

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